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Authentic Delicacies | Healthy And Delicious

Can't resist the call of the tender, juicy or mouthwatering meatball fix?
You're not alone, indulge yourself with “Boon Fang Gong Wan” today!

Boon Fang is a place where professionalism meets innovation. We uphold
the spirit in producing highest quality meatball for our customers’ satisfaction.
When it comes to all phases of meatball production right from process
development to quality management and costs, full feasibility studies are
undertaken by us to guarantee tasty and health promoting meatballs are produced.

Boon Fang is adhere in maintaining the best taste and quality by having consistent
operational planning too. They consist of sectors such as “defrost technology”,
“raw materials quality control”, “food processing inspection” and “packaging &
labeling coordination”. Every sectors is run in consistency to ensure the product
is process in a fast, hygienic and healthy way, so that our consumer could enjoy
the best quality meatball.

We will always endeavor to exceed your expectations for quality and experience.

Delight your taste bud with "Boon Fang Gong Wan"

"Boon Fang Gong Wan" is not just for the soup, it can match with your favorite dish too!

* Best with the soup

Where great things happen.
We believe in the power of live communications. Your participation build us a better brand and enhance the quality of our product.

Click to watch our official video.
We will continue to invest in production technology in order to improve the quality of our product. We hope with the high quality processed food, we can gain more consumers’ trust and affirmation.

Boon Fang Food Industries
Address: 36, Kuala Kangsar Road, 10100 Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +6016 4477 808